Terms and Conditions

The Credit Coaching System Terms and Conditions

The Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. (BCC) Credit Coaching System (CCS) assists Clients in determining the appropriate action required to enhance their credit and increase their credit score. The CCS helps each Client follow a step by step process to evaluate their credit and better understand the credit reporting process.

Procrastination and lack of resources are obstacles that are attributed to minimizing Clients’ success rates. The CCS helps Clients adhere to specific timelines and keeps them focused on completing their desired goals.

  • 24 hour, 7 days a week password-protected access.
  • Daily countdown calendar to keep clients focused.
  • This is a Do It Yourself virtual system.
  • Do Not Enter Your Social Security Number, it is not Required!

The BCC/CCS is for Clients who have made a personal commitment to enhance their knowledge of the credit report process and increase their personal credit score. BCC/CCS DOES NOT guarantee or warrant any particular financial advancement of its Clients. Applicant understands BCC CANNOT guarantee specific results due to the fact that all results obtained are dependent on a variety of factors, some of which are outside the control of BCC including Clients’ ability to repay creditors, the cooperation of Clients’ creditors, and the credit reporting agencies’ ability to verify information provided to them by the applicant.


BCC provides a state of the art web-based system including letters, forms and documents to enable Clients to address specific credit issues. The CCS takes the Client step by step through the process, but it is the Client’s ultimate responsibility to remain focused and comply with due dates in order to achieve the best possible results and increase their credit score.


The Buyers Credit Coaching System, Inc. and Credit Coaching System is a One Stop Publication Source designed for Educational purposes. We advocate Do It Yourself approach for success. Those who use our system are called “Clients” (refers to each Individual and in the case of a couple, each Individual is a Client) is for the purpose of purchasing credit educational documents and storage. The Virtual Coaching Program will assist you in understanding Credit guidelines and provide examples of draft letters for transmittal to creditors, hardship letters pertaining to inability of making timely payment on the terms and conditions established by the credit. We provide draft templates for responding to claims asserted by a collection agency or law firm retained by creditor for debt collection services. In addition, educational materials explaining the Fair Isaac Corporation (“FICO”), a behavioral model used by Lenders, Creditors, Employers, Insurance Companies, etc. We strongly suggest you download the Free template budget worksheet to be used from the beginning of this program to give you a benchmark for what is realistic. Determining your priorities as you create a foundation for future of handling of your income to maximize your financial goals. In the Library section Three (3) we provide in detail the Federal law that requires that any unverifiable, outdated, incomplete or erroneous information must be removed from consumer credit reports by the credit reporting agencies. The burden to challenge issues is the responsibility of you and we recommend you use your best efforts to gain control over your own concerns.

Fees and Costs:

The Client understands that there will be a fee for storage of clients documents and access to the system. The cost is $5.00 per month for total access of this automated system complete with draft letters, audio clips, storage of documents and videos tutorials. Signing up for this program and execution of the online agreement starts the process. Client expressly waives any right to commence any type of legal or administrative action arising from Client’s failure to timely pay for service and document storage.

Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation is simple, Client should go to their authorize PayPal account and discontinue payment. PayPal can assist if this requirement becomes necessary as the cost of service is nominal and the access to website and storage of documents are only $5.00 monthly. This services will give consumers access to a virtual portal that can assist with difficult credit scenarios which will guide them through information to tackle difficult challenges and assist them in overcoming major credit traps. The purpose is to alleviate stress and confusion by giving you a path to an our online system of information to answer questions by accessing the Credit Coaching System Library!

Money Back Guarantee.

The Client understands and agrees that Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. in conjunction with the Credit Coaching System will only refund one month of service for a total of $5.00 for which the client request after their Free 30 Day sample of the system. The Client agrees to send, via email to webmaster@buyerscreditcoach.com for cancellation for any reason, as the resource is priced extremely nominal at $5.00 per month for document storage and web access only.

Term of Contract:

The term of this Contract is month to month with the first month free. No extended communications required such as contracts and lengthy agreements to terminate use of the system.

Hold Harmless and Indemnity:

The Client agrees to indemnify and hold Buyers Credit Coach, Inc., and their agents, attorneys, brokers and employees, harmless from all claims, losses, expenses, fees including attorney’s fees, costs, judgments that may be asserted against the Client that result from the acts of omissions.


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