Credit Boot Camp

Finally, a Credit Boot Camp!

I would like to welcome those who have expressed interest in learning tools for Increasing your credit score.

This Boot Camp will be a series of webinars designed to provide instructions for tackling credit issues:

  • How to deal with late payment reporting?
  • How to stand up to collection agencies?
  • What is a judgement and why is it on my credit report?
  • Bankruptcies, should I throw in the towel or take charge of my finances?
  • What are Charge Offs, and D.O.L.A. Date of last activities? (Very Important)
  • Foreclosures, Is this the end of my financial life?

These are a few of the topics that will be discussed during these training webinars.

The tips you will receive during these sessions will save you thousands of dollars and help you increase your credit scores if used properly.

In addition: You will get a overview of The Credit Coaching System, the tools needed to propel you to the next credit scoring level.

Sign up below, this course is Free and will be on a first come basis.

In the remarks just say: Coach, I am ready for Boot Camp!